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Hi everyone. This week we want to talk about natural stone paving and which style of paving suits your garden. Over the last few years we have very much focused on stocking natural stone products as they can be left out all year round, never fade and require very little maintenance. We pride ourselves in stocking high quality products and natural stone does not disappoint however we still stock manufactured products. In our range of paving we stock granite, limestone, sandstone, quartz and natural stone slabs. If these slabs are laid correctly then you will be finished with your outdoor patio area as they never loose their colour and as i said they are everlasting making natural stone a sound investment for any outdoor project.

Most customers come in to us knowing that they want to transform their outdoor living space but don’t know which material to go for or what style suits their needs. There are a few things to consider at this point.

  1. Which style of garden do you wish to go for such as a contemporary garden, cottage garden or Japanese garden? 
  2. Do you want a garden that requires upkeep and maintenance or do you want a maintenance free garden?
  3. Which style of garden and material will suit the exterior of your home?
  4. Do you want natural stone slabs or manufactured slabs?

These questions can very easily determine which material you require for your patio/outdoor living space. We have products to suit every garden style so i will give you some example depending on the different styles.

Contemporary Garden

A contemporary garden is very sleek, stylish and modern. This garden involves clean cut lines and a neutral colour scheme. Paving that would suit this style of garden is any of our granite paving which comes in silver grey, dark grey, burnt barley and barley granite. The reason granite suits this style of garden is because its a very modern slab with clean cut lines.

Cottage Garden

A typical cottage garden is very natural and rustic. The planting consists of overgrown shrubs and the paving is commonly tumbled with rough edges. With this in mind examples of paving that suits this style of garden would be our tumbled granite setts, Antique Natural Stone Paving in grey or yellow, Sandstone paving or our Tumbled Granite Fantail. 

Japanese Garden

This style of garden is actually very versatile as most paving suits this style however it is the design that is most important. One thing that is very common in a Japanese garden is a section of paving with stepping stones leading down the garden or a crazy paving path. We stock a fabulous Grey Quartz stepping stone which would be ideal for this style and we also have a gorgeous granite stepping stones. For a crazy path we have Aqua Gold Crazy Paving, Grey Quartz Crazy Paving and a Yellow Quartz Crazy Paving.

(Our products are not exhausted in this piece and we stock much, much more. These are just examples for a few different styles. Click on the links to see the paving on our website).

I hope this piece of information gives you a few ideas when considering the material for your garden and also which style best suits your home. If you require any further information on any of our products or need any help with your patio area please don’t hesitate to contact us as w would love to hear from you.

The MVStone Team XX