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So why is granite furniture and investment?

Well, as all our granite furniture is hand carved from natural solid granite which is of the highest quality there is many reasons why granite is the best choice of patio furniture. Here are some:

  • Granite never fades.
  • Granite can withstand all weather conditions meaning granite furniture can be left out all year round meaning that there is no need to drag furniture in and out of storage.
  • Granite requires very little maintenance.
  • Granite looks as good when you buy it as it does in years down the line.
  • Granite furniture does not require painting or oiling like other patio sets.

Along with all the reasons mentioned above, granite is also everlasting which is why our granite furniture is an investment in your outdoor living space. Why not pop in to our show grounds in Moyvalley or Navan to have a look or check out our range of granite furniture on our website. 

For any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The MVStone Team xx