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Once you have completed your dream patio area there are some products that will help keep your paving low maintenance, protect it and keep it looking brand new.

First thing is to make sure your patio area is grouted if you chose natural paving. Paving grout is for jointing paving slabs, cobbles and natural stone. This paving grout is extremely easy to use, you just simply brush it in to the joints. Paving grout also resists weed growth, it is cement free (non Staining), you can walk on it within 24 hours and it is frost resistant. This paving grout is available in 3 colours – Neutral, Grey and Dark Grey.

Next up is to seal your paving to keep it looking brand new and to keep it protected. Our sealers are waterproof and last from 5 years to 15 years depending on which sealer you choose. Our sealers protects from oil, petrol and water and also reduces moss and algae growth. It also acts as a repellent that shields against moisture, surface cracking, freeze threat and mould. Our sealers dry with a clear low sheen finish. The sealers are ready to use and extremely easy to apply.

The final step is our cleaning products. With Irish weather it is inevitable that our outdoor living space will become dirty over time and perhaps green in shaded areas. We have a product called algacide for cleaning all outdoor products. Algicide is a fungicidal wall solution that removes mould, mildew, fungi and algae. All you have to do is spray the effected area and leave it to do its magic, there is no scrubbing required. Algicide is ideal for driveways, brick work, paths, patios and much more. This product is also totally organic and not harmful.

We are a big fan of keeping outdoor living spaces as low maintenance as possible and these products help us do just that.

If you require any further information any any of these products or need help with anything please contact us as we would love to hear from you. Happy Friday 🙂

The MVStone Team xx