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Happy Tuesday everyone! Over the weekend we decided to use our imagination to attempt to change a natural stone flower planter in to a water feature. Risky business however we think it turned out fantastic. These natural stone planters were turned in to babbling water features (see main picture).

Many of our products do not have to be used for their main purpose. For example –

  • Granite paving slabs – We also use granite slabs and turn them in to garden wall capping and steps. We cut them to size and give them a bull nosed edge (see here).
  • Crazy Paving – Designed for paving however we also use crazy paving for wall cladding which works really well (see here). We also use crazy paving to secure pond liner at the edge of ponds (see here)
  • Pot toppers – Designed for covering the top of pots however we created fantastic flower vases using the pot topper stones and glass (see here).
  • Garden wall capping – We use the garden stone wall caps as edging and it works really well as is flat at the bottom and decorative on top and both sides (see here).

There is many other products that can be used for a different purpose apart from their sole purpose. Be creative and you can create wonderful and unique things. Check out our Facebook (Mv Stone Navan) and Instagram (@mvstone2) for pictures of projects and inspiration. For any help or further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The MVStone Team xx